The English Channel between Britain and France in the north to the south.

In the channel are the British Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight , from a side arm, the Solent , is enclosed. The largest river, which flows into the channel, is the Seine . Major cities in the channel are St. Helier in Jersey and St. Peter Port on Guernsey, Plymouth on the south coast of England and in the Solent Southampton and Portsmouth. On the French coast of St. Malo, Le Havre and Cherbourg.

The English Channel is a maximum of 248 km wide;at its narrowest, in the east - in the Strait of Dover(French Pas de Calais) - it measures only 34 miles from Dover according to Cap Gris-Nez . The channel has in the vicinity of the open Atlantic an average depth of 120 m; at the mouth - to the east - in the North Sea is shallower 45 m.


The North Sea provides in the countries bordering on maritime climate. Accordingly, there are moderately warm summers and fairly mild winters.Here, the English Channel works in winter as a heat store. The most sunshine include the months of May to July, which is partly due to the long race days and the northern location.

Temperatures are rising even in the southern English Channel rarely hot values ??beyond the 25 degrees C, in the German Bight and north of the maximum temperatures are rather at around twenty degrees. On the other hand, the temperature drops in winter hardly below zero degrees Celsius.

The North Sea lies in the path of the North Atlantic low pressure areas. Here it comes all year round fresh, partly strong and reliable winds, so as to love him sailors.


Many airlines fly from Germany to St. Malo or South Hampton. When boarding a flight go directly to the Channel Islands is possible.


Segelferien Kanalinseln Ärmelkanal
West Cardinal Needle Rock
St. Malo / Frankreich
St. Helier / Jersey
Portsmouth / England
Verkehrstrennungsgebiet E.Channel

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