Danish South Sea actually would have to speak of the Danish South Sea, better still from the South Funen Archipelago. In German, it was after North and Baltic Seas to the South Seas - so simple is longing born!

The island of Funen is located in Denmark and the süddänisches archipelago extending therefrom south. With its many different sized islands such as Fyn, Langeland, Aero, magical straits and bays. 

Funen across the Great Belt Bridge (Great Belt Bridge) connected to Zealand and the Little Belt Bridge with Jutland and together with ferries for the connection to the Danish mainland. 

The best way to get acquainted with its hills and the old half-timbered houses, the South Funen islands, is possible in a tour of Svendbord about Aeroskobing by Faaborg. North of Fårborg see the wavy and beautiful hills of Svanninge with the steep slopes and deep ravines, some of them dating from the last ice age 14,000 years ago. From the top of the hill you have a fantastic view of the island world. 

Funen - Fynshoved - North of Kerteminde in the north-eastern part of Funen Hindsholm the peninsula with numerous small islands and headlands example we Romsø and Enebærodde.


Blue sky, bright sunshine - that there is in Denmark quite often. The weather in Denmark is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream , this ensures a mild climate. The wind comes predominantly from western directions, which means changeable weather. In eastern wind the weather is often stable.

The Nordic phenomenon, the light nights , captured on May 5 at when the nightingale she enchants with its rich vocals and the warm summer last from June to August.

The Danish Southern Seas is mild and friendly, the sea warmer and quieter than the rough North Sea, where it is not only much windier, but also up to 40% is more rain.



Many airlines fly from Germany to Olbia / Sardinia. By taxi it is only half a mile to Marina di Olbia .The Liegeplaatz No. simply ask the Skipper via text message.

Segeltripp Dänemark
Navigieren zwischen Svendborg und Rudkøbing
Von Sonderborg zum Als Sund
Alex und Hafen von Ringköbing

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