Sailing to the Islands Maddalenen

La Maddalena archipelago is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean has to offer. The archipelago is located on the Strait of Bonifacio off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, between the south coast of Corsica. Thanks to the low water depth between the islands and the bright sea floor granite sand of the sea around the islands is lit almost any weather in gentle turquoise, strong navy blue or rich emerald green.

None of the countless beach coves like the other - incredible water colors, bright bright granite sand beaches, and the island of Budelli there is even a pink beach . The tiny pink fragments of skeletons of bryozoans have the Spiaggia Rosa dipped in this unusual color.

The Strait of Bonifacio in the northwest of Maddalenen Islands is a notorious strait (about 12 km wide and up to 70 m deep), named after the Corsican port of Bonifacio, who in his limestone plateau in the south and it settled old town probably one of the most impressive natural harbors Mediterranean is. The outer banks is so washed out that the houses stand on it like on a balcony.

To avoid a detour, use many sailors the Fornelli Passage to come from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the western Mediterranean and vice versa. There is a narrow passage between the north side of Isola Piana and the northern Isola Asinara.Aligns to the course exactly to the leading lights from, you always have at least 3 m water depth.Just south of the Isola Piana to offer great possibilities to anchor in 3-4m deep crystal clear water over sand.



The maritime climate of northern Sardinia and southern Corsica is typically Mediterranean with 220 monthly hours of sunshine. The swimming season lasts from May to the end of November, in the south sometimes from April to December. In mountain areas, it can be really fresh in the winter, where you can still enjoy a T-shirt the sun in the south. The best months for hiking excursions is May, when the island is covered with a blanket flowers. In September and October the water is nice and warm and the greatest heat is usually over, so to drive the wonderful beaches of the region and the best time to enjoy.

In November it will be noticeably cooler. The heart of the island is then the flora: Unusual scrub plants, ferns, pines, beautiful oleanders and olive trees enchant the landscape.


Many airlines fly from Germany to Olbia / Sardinia. By taxi it is only half a mile to Marina di Olbia . The Liegeplaatz No. simply ask the Skipper via text message.


Segelferien Korsika, Sardinien
Capo Testa / Sardinien
La Pelosa mit Fornelli Passage
Südküste Korsika
Leuchtturm vor Olbia

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