The Caribbean islands stretch in a long arc from the Virgin Islands in the north to the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela. High volcanic islands are interspersed with evergreen rain forests.Flat coral islands with their endless white-sand beaches, lined with palm trees, crystal clear waters, colonial architecture and bright and colorful wooden houses, rum, spicy Creole cuisine, accompanied by a colorful mix of people and the joy of life of the locals makes from the Caribbean. It is one of the most attractive destinations, not least because of the almost always blowing trade.


The Leeward Islands (Leeward and Windward Islands) lie on the north-east trade wind-facing side. So you can just drop anchor on the leeward side of the islands, as in Marigot Baie (Ile de Ste Lucie). From November to April you can find here a paradise sailing conditions without storm and without depression. The Passat brings regularly bring moist air (especially in those with mountain ranges) falls as rain on impact on the islands in heavy short showers. Here you will find before the tropical and lush flowering plants.

The Dutch Antilles islands of Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao, located at the southern end of the Caribbean and no longer within the control of the moist northeast trade wind. The temperatures are also at 25 ° -30 ° C. The Caribbean is an ideal holiday destination for Europeans and the water temperatures are rarely colder than the air temperatures.


From Europe you can fly almost daily with Air France, KLM, Condor or British Airways daily to the Caribbean to Martinique, St. Martin and Barbados. By taxi or shuttle then for each port.


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Iles des Saints
Marigot Bay St Lucia

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