It's been a few weeks that I spent a dream vacation on one of your yachts , but not too late to say thank you.

Thanks for this great holiday, I spent on your yacht Brittany from Mallorca to Ibiza and Formentera from 11.07.-07.18.15. The trip has kept exactly what you have targeted on your site. Nadine was a perfect skipper who paid with their calm and factual nature to the success of the cruise a decisive contribution, the joy kindled with me on sailing further and further fancy trips and the purchase of the SKS has aroused :-)

Another big thanks to Bavaria Spain in Palma / Mallorca, they keep their yachts in such good shape. Is not self-evident.

Marion L., Nuremberg


Dear Jolly Sailor Team,

Thank you for the great sailing adventures and exciting impressions that we experienced with you. These vacation days at sea will remain safe memorable.

Thanks also to the great organization in advance and many thanks to the sailors. We had a lot of fun during the maneuvers on the high seas and the parties on land.

Until next time – we look forward to new and exciting sailing with you.


Veronika M., Constance


Dear Team,

thank you again!

Was great as always. Exciting sailing and great beaches!


Your Max from Dusseldorf

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